Rather than start a new thread I thought I might search the archives for a relevant discussion. This one appears to be quite relevant so forgive me but I'd like to resurrect this.

My Epson 3170 has (as of tonight) lost the ability to scan negatives. I can still scan prints, but trying to scan negatives puts it into a perpetual state of warming up.

Right now I'm only working in 135 and 120 film formats but I expect to have a 4x5 camera within the next 6 months. So I'd very much like to have the capability to scan this as well.

My working budget will be about $200.

For those that have the Epson V500, do you find it satisfactory for 135 and 120 films, scanning for web? Better than satisfactory?

Do I understand correctly that the lid does not adequately facilitate scanning negs larger than 120 film? (meaning I'll need to find another solution for 4x5 scans at some point)