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For the Carbon Infinity owners--It's a beautiful camera to be sure, but other than the self-casing feature and general coolness of having a rare carbon fiber/titanium camera with sports-car styling, does it have any attractions over, say, a used Technikardan at about half the price?
First of all, it has all the movements you could think of - and then some. For instance the front axial tilt can be tuned so that the tilt axis passes through the entrance pupil of the lens - that means the image doesn't shift if you apply tilt after framing.

And then it can take just about any realistic focal length from 38mm to 600mm with the normal bellows. I have bag bellows for mine which makes it easier to use very short lenses, though.

The self-casing is very useful to me, since I live in a mountainous area: I trust the CI to survive anything I can survive. Landscape photography around here can be tricky...

For those of us who "need" the combination of portability and movements there is simply nothing else which comes close. For photographers in flatter pars of the world it might well be overkill.