$4,800!?!?!? Kee-ripes, man! I have less than half of that invested into a three-standard (two F one P) Sinar system with five sweet lenses (90 f/4.5, 121 f/8, 210 f/5.6, 240 f/5.6, 360 f/6.8), my near mint Pacemaker Speed (complete kit, with two crates of flashbulbs), and my Kodak No. 2 5x7, plus a plethora of holders for each AND two heavy-duty tripods with heads (#3036 and 3051). I can't imagine this E-Bay camera doing anything for me that I couldn't do with one of these three cameras, except sitting there and looking cool. Ridiculous! I can see that as an original price when large format was the commercial camera of choice, but with the prices in today's market, it is just nuts that these actually fetch that much.