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I figure it's like a Porsche. Nobody NEEDS a Porsche. But it is a very elegant solution to a "problem".

I'm of the opinion that a Sinar is entirely unnecessary expenditure when there are far cheaper cameras that would do the same thing.

I say, if you've got the money, and you want something or have a perceived need for it, buy it.
I would have agreed with you about Sinar back when they were actually expensive cameras. Nobody needs one to make a decent pic. The guy who first taught me large format was the chief photographer for Northrup for many many years, and all he ever used for 4x5 was a field camera (albeit a nice Linhof one). Nowadays, they have taken a dump in value so much that I think they are worth paying just a little bit more for, given the breadth of their system, their backwards and forward compatibility, and their DB shutter system, which has saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars on lenses with today's market. I have just over $1,500 spent on my system. Say I had gone with a Calumet monorail for $50 instead. I would have spent well over $1,500 on the same compliment of glass with shutters, and still would have had a slower and less solid camera.

I am all for making extravagant unneeded photographic purchases. I am just surprised at the value of these cameras; that is all.