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Welcome to APUG and congratulations on an excellent win.
Thanks, JD.

Unfortunately, I'll have to move this discussion over to the Large Format forum at some point as my plans for the camera are not entirely analog, and hence, not entirely APUG kosher. I felt though, that I owed to you guys to know what happened with the auction, and provide a bit of insight in to why I purchased it (not explaining non-analog reasons in respect of your forum rules and intent).

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From what I can tell the Infinity has all the usability of a sinar P and the portability of a wooden field camera. This is a pretty rare combination. According to one who actually owns the camera they are the bar by which others are measured. Is this sweet lemons? Considering the source I doubt it. If I had 5k laying around and or a steady stream of Photography work here in Vancouver I'd be tempted.
Pretty much on the money. I need, for my purposes, lots of movement on the rear standard, not something easy to come by in a field-camera, but I don't want to use a relatively shaky monorail in the field (been there with the wonderful, but sensitive Horseman LE). The Carbon Infinity seemed to fit the bill. Plus, I've been shooting in Iceland the last four summers, and the weather can get pretty crappy. The clamshell on this thing is awesome in that regard.