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Peter, would i have to dilute the Ilfotec further. I use 1+9 but it also recommends 1+14. It also says something on the box about shortening the times if using a continuous agitation drum. The chemistry side of photography is still alchemy to me i'm afraid.
Have you developed the film with small tank development? If so, were you happy with the contrast given? If so, try the same dilution, same temperature (in the developer!), but add a 5 minute pre-soak with water at the processing temp. That should get you very close. If the negs are too contrasty, either shorten development time, increase dilution (but keep the time the same), or lower the temperature of the developer. If you need more contrast, do the opposite.

A very good book on these issues is Ralph Lambrecht's and Chris Woodhouse's _Way Beyond Monochrome_.