I have just visited the Vanbar Carlton shop in Melbourne, it was just a look see visit, as the day was perfect, with a clear blue sky and a great temperature for motorcycling.

Having gone for a very early morning ride I ventured into the Carlton shop, the first thing I saw was a big display of glass filters in groups of ring size for sale. 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm and 72mm.

Most of the filters are Arrow, some are Hoya and a select few are badged Hama, which are manufactured in Japan. Here is the best part, I payed $5.20 for any 52mm filter whether it was a yellow, red, UV, polarising, 81A etcetera.

The same went for the 72mm filters I bought, except they cost $7.20 each. I managed to pick up a fog, diffusion, soft spot and polariser. Things I would never purchase at their normal price.

There was another bin with some outdated film, interesting stuff there. Some 135 E6 duplicating film in 30m rolls, $11.00 each. Sure it's outdated, colours won't be great, but I'm sure you can have oodles of fun for that money.

There were three 100 sheet boxes of 4x5 Maco or Rollei (not sure) lith film, about $106.00 each which is price.

Possibly something that could be relevant to many here in Oz were the multitude of 30m rolls of Ilford Xp2 in 135 format. I don't remember what their cost was, but you can bet it will be at least the normal price.

Those of you who cannot physically walk into the Vanbar shop, could telephone them and ask for what you wish for, they will look up their computer and say yes or no, then they will walk over to the display table select for you, then package and post.