Goldie, I didn't notice any, but as I wasn't looking for one as I already have a couple.

Kevin, interesting to say the least. I went for a walk with a 28mm lens and an orange 056 Nikon filter attached. About halfway through, the batteries in the camera started to die. I switched things around a bit and continued on using the manual shutter release (Nikon F3).

I have never seen this film before, so I took a punt from the calculations printed inside the box, which is D76 full strength for 5 minutes at 20C.

I rated the film at 80ASA, developed it for 9 minutes D76 1+1 rotary processing, weak negatives. I had minimal shadow detail in the negatives but I believe I under developed by about to of a stop as well.

I'll run another roll through on a push bike ride tomorrow and develop it in the evening. I'll rate it at 50 ASA this time and develop with extra time as above.

It is a very thin base and the emulsion appears to be thin as well, but that really cannot be taken for granted, it just looks that way, especially compared to FP4+, HP5+ and Neopan 400 135 format film.

I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling the emulsion is fragile. This is just a gut feeling, I was careful putting the film into the neg holder, no scratches but I think it will scratch slightly easier than the others already mentioned.

Nice grain structure, once I sort out the 1+1 development, I might have a go with 1+3 for a slightly different effect.

Ross, Melbourne is also a diminishing market for certain wet photography products, I think we are all in the same boat with that one. Yeah, well Sydney is pretty good for some things, but we do have better coffee, possibly some of the best coffee shops in the country.

As for motorcycling, we are starting to get as crowded as sin city these days and it is getting harder to stay away from the four wheel tin things, however we can park on the footpath down here