Two points

1. The frame spacing is a problem in Contax II (III) and all the Kievs.

The simplest fix is a drip of fine (sewing machine ) oil into the gap between the screw (concerntric with the forks) and the wind on forks. Hold the camera upside down and let the oil penetrate for a few minutes. Then with the camera wound on, so the fork drive is locked, rotate the forks by finger and thumb to distribute the oil.

If that does not reduce the friction try some Zippo fluid followed up be a drip of fine oil.

There is a slipping clutch mechanism under the screw it needs to be slippy, not too hard to turn...

But even with the clutch slippy the frames will be uneven, you only need to worry if you get film tears.

2. If the release is stiff try three drips of file oil down the outside of the release button, leave 30 minutes try dry firing.

Otherwise if either of these remains - buy watch makers screw drivers, deep tray, double sided sticky tape, magnet, grease, Zippo, nail lacquer, mouse mat and free weekends


It is real hard... the grease is for the end of the screw driver, the screws will stick to the end of the screw driver, if the driver has some grease, it is like a third hand


P.S. dont take a lens apart... yet