I see them quite often in the auction site (flash). It seems that sellers of the system often piece out their items. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed the little flash. It's coordinated so nicely with the camera's functions, especially as a controlled fill flash. It has all of the drawbacks of a direct flash (and a bit close to lens) when used as a single source in dark situations but is accurate for that duty. I have had great results with Agfa 643 bounce/wink flash units with the RF645's when the room has usable ceilings/walls. I've become quite complacent using the RF20 for fill, even though I'm usually a real control freak. I just set the amount of minus fill I desire, set the camera to program and it gives predictable, accurate results. I can't think of a better combo for walking around an outdoor reception or doing basic portraits outdoors.