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What's your gear kit to see if you missed anything.
As in Camera equipment or darkroom?

Former is :-

Me Super Body
Me F Body
A3 Body
1 PKA 50mm primes, 2 PK 50mm primes (two 1.7's and a 2.0)
two 70-210 zooms
18-55 zoom ( this is a AF digital so wider angle if used on a film body - could only use on the A3 as it lacks the aperture ring ).
70-300 zoom ( again AF digital but has aperture ring so can use it on any body. Can use on the A3 unlike the MF lenses both of which are straight K's)
PKA 2x teleconverter.
3 tripods (1 travel, 2 full size, one lacks the ability to go portrait ).
a generic chinon flash.
and dare I say it a DSLR body (very handy where I don't have much time - which can often occur for university work).

I want to get a wide angle - something like s 28mm.

Latter is non-existant right now :P