Hi Kat,

If you're certain you don't want to print in the darkroom, but want to go the scanner route, XP2 Super is an excellent film to use. You want a different result in your negative for scanning or for darkroom printing - scanning appreciates a flatter negative, avoiding high contrast, especially with blown highlights/shadows. A punchier negative will print better in the darkroom. If you don't want to stick with the chromogenics, then you're better off making sure you tailor your negatives especially for scanning - so avoid the higher contrast films/processes. I'd also avoid grainier film - I love grainy film, but not for scanning - the results often do not live up to analogue, as grain doesn't translate to digital very well. The results you get - apart from with XP2 or another chromogenic - will also depend heavily on the type of scanner you use and the software you use with it. XP2 Super should work on pretty much any film scanner. You can also use Digital Ice, which helps with cleaning up the neg, with chromogenic film if you want to, but not with regular b&w film.

I think your decision would depend a lot on what kind of output you're predicting - I mean quantity-wise - or whether you want to get into C-41 processing - or whether you like the idea of experimenting with the other films anyway.

Good luck,