PDN has an online e-mag version as well. I will check it out to see if it's there. I have known photogs that print a limited edition of say 50 prints and then physically damage the neg to make it unprintable. They then sign an affidavid stating they have no other dupe negs and the 50 prints are the only ones in existance. The neg and document is stored in a bank safe deposit box or some similar safe place.

As I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum I am not a fan of limited edition series. It's an artificial method of trying to drive the price up. Adams printed hundreds if not thousands of copies of Moonrise and it's still one of the most sought after print around and demands major bucks. Helmut Newton prints as many pictures as there is demand and his cache hasn't diminished as a result of it.

I hope one day I create an image that thousands of people want a copy of. To limit it to only those with the financial means to buy a limited edition print is both the height of arrogance and a fouls gold as all the purchaser is banking on is that it will appreciate. The buyer could care less if it sings to him or not, it's purely a financial transaction. I don't want my art to be reduced to the equivalent of a greenback.

On the other hand I do make money at it, but I never will get rich at it. I do it first for me, and then the enrichment of my fellow planetary buddies.