E6 is more of a time thing. For example right now I have a project I need to finish for Jan 5th. Given the time of the year it is I'll have to do it on Digital as there is no guarantee that any slide film will get processed and returned to me by then ( plus time to post process the images ).
I process C-41 in my personal darkroom using a Jobo ATL-2300 and the Fujihunt X-Press C-41 kit. If you do decide to process E6 then try the Kodak E6 five litre kit, rather than a third party option. http://www.firstcall-photographic.co...ilm-chemicals/

Temperature control is very important in colour processing and an important consideration in terms of implementation with a hand line. The figures Firstcall give for rolls of film per kit depend on how you process, whether you use the chemicals one shot etc. For example in my Jobo I would expect to get between 25 and 50 rolls out of the kit.