OK, the stuffed baked potato with Czech sausage was AWESOME!
Kevin's Cibachrome prints were better than the baked potato. Isn't it amazing how an obsolete process can still be better than the competition?
Will, Phil and Bill were there!
Everyone agreed that my Epson 1280 printer is a dog.
We got Steve on track to load his Jobo 2509 reel with sheet film.
Kevin brought his Zeiss folding sheet film camera. We aren't sure what size film it takes. Smaller than 4x5. It folds up so small! I want one! I'm afraid finding film for it will be a hassle.
Valerie has an 8x10 camera. And a 4x5 back for the 8x10 camera. More camera envy.
We may do a Light Rail trip through Houston next month.