Hello Group...

Carls' Darkroom was bought by DigiGraphics LLC in Fort Collins, Colorado. Carl's Darkroom website is still up and running, as well as the local phone number for Carl's 505-888-4505, which forwards toll-free to DigiGraphics.

Pricing for E6 processing has not changed. Processing orders may be placed locally at Desert Photo (next door to Carl's on Quincy) which are shipped free to DigiGraphics. Orders may also be shipped directly to DigiGraphics using order forms available on the website.

DigiGraphics has been in business since 1977. DigiGraphics runs 35mm through 8x10" E6/C41/BW and offers a range of other professional-level services for pro photographers and commercial clientele. DigiGraphics was a highly rated Kodak Q-Lab while that program was supported by Kodak. DigiGraphics owns Refrema processing equipment.

My name is Les De Moss, Founder of DigiGraphics. I can be reached at: les@digi-graphics.com or by calling 505-888-4505 or 800-728-8596. Please don't hesitate to call or write. Carl's Darkroom wanted this transition to be as easy as possible... we'll do all we can to meet that goal.