Here is a bit of technical info on the print. Hand separated organic eggs, whites only (a bit of a job, just found out you can buy that stuff already separated, yes! More time to print), in runs down you elbows. So egg whites, salt, glacial acetic acid, let it age for a few weeks. So far it seems that the older the solution the better, this batch was a few month old. I double coat the paper, so I have to steam it after the first coat. The paper is floated in the albumen solution a few minutes dried, steamed, floated and dried again. I like to age the paper a few months, but I not sure what it does to it. The silver nitrate is coated by brush in two separate applications and let to dry in between applications. Exposure during the winter months are done with four actinic fluorescent tubes 12 inches from the contact frames for about 45 minutes. During the summer I use the big free light in the sky, and the exposure are a lot shorter. The prints are washed, fixed and toned in selenium and sometime gold. You might have notice that your print is a bit on the dark side,that is due to the heat. The paper was a bit curly so I place it in a heat press, so the highlights get a bit yellow. I called that the “fried egg” syndrome, my newest print were pressed down with just heavy weight and did seem to get as dark… still learning.
If you get the coating just right, it’s the most beautiful printing out paper you will ever see.