Thank you to those of you who have bought from, or referred people to, my eBay store as well as my brick 'n mortar store. Business is always appreciated; today more than ever!

I will be shipping Tuesday normal - in by 3pm, out by 5pm est

I will be shipping early on Wednesday - in by Noon, out by 3pm est

I will be closed the Christmas through New Years' Day, but, I will be shipping most of the days (see my eBay store for details) and adding a few new listings as well.

The Darkroom Studios will be undergoing many of the renovations I had hoped to get done before the holidays... 24/7 Access should be up and running when I re-open January 2nd.

When a lot of goodies arrives, I often just get the most exciting items listed quick... I have a TON of things in the backlog I hope to get up (many will be simple Buy-it-now listings) in January...

Beseler 23C Parts
Beseler 45MX parts

Omega D2 Parts
Omega D5 Parts

Durst Parts for everything from the 300 to 600 to the Laborator

Easels & Easel Parts

Timers, all sorts

Agfa MSC parts (but likely not to really start on them until February)

Basic-Needs film and paper

Dry-mount presses

Beakers, trays, tanks, tongs... all the little stuff -- I usually run a promo on the little items in which US buyers can order 5+ items for a maximum shipping charge of $9.95