Look into Toronto Image Works. I think they still have a wet darkroom option, but not sure about the tutorial options. The other option is to network a bit with people in the area. I sporadically attend the Brampton Photography Group meetings. The leader of that group has a whole basement set up for printing traditionally. While the focus of most of members is digital, I do not find that they bash my film based work or gear. The focus of the group is producing images, and getting better at doing so; the thechnology of the final print is immaterial, alothough it is cheaper for some to get comments on an image in progress on a laptop, but then they are doomed to hours of fiddling in Photoshop trying to tweak the final result to daeth.

I am in the south end of Mississauga, near QEW and Erin Mills, and I would be very happy to have you come down with your negatives to print in my darkroom, or at a second enlarger station I have set up in our blacked out laundry room. I would let you do your own thing, and be available as a resource to answer questions as you want to ask them. This arrangement could go on a for a few sessions, if we don't end up annoyed with each other right in the first session, until you feel you are ready to do your own thing.

PM me if you are interested. I will need to coordinate my schedule with what my kids are up to, or what my wife has on the go on any given evening or weekend. If you are around next week, I am planning a big darkroom session while I am on holidays, and could readily incorporate your efforts into the days.