You can obtain Fuji Gaslight paper from Dirk at Japan Exposures and the Foma contact paper can be obtained at Freestyle Photo. I'm planning to pick up a box of the Fuji at some point in the near future, but for now I'm doing something simple.

In my basement I will have a rolling cart. On that rolling cart will be a piece of black felt. On that piece of felt will be a sheet of whatever paper I'm going to use (Slavich Bromoportrait is most likely the vest possibility) with the emulsion side up. On top of that will be the film with the emulsion side down. And as a final layer will be a piece of clear glass. I will be hanging a clamp light that my grandfather made (and I really should take a photo of the old thing because it's rather cool) on a piece of rope with a frosted 15 watt bulb over the entire 'contact printing' assembly on the cart.