I'm just about done with the start of revision 3 of the text on Emulsion Making and Coating. I have completed a draft table of contents.

Well, just for kicks, here is the draft for you. Remember that this is a work in progress. Comments are welcome.


Tentative Table of Contents

Part I

I.1 Light Sensitive materials

I.2 Materials

I.2.1 Silver Nitrate
I.2.2 Halides
I.2.3 Gelatin
I.2.4 Dopants
I.2.5 Doctors
I.2.6 Dyes

I.3 Variations to control emulsion
I.3.1 Dilution
I.3.2 Addenda
I.3.3 Finishing
I.3.4 Spectral Sensitization

I.4 Methods

Practices in pptn for the home coater
Syringes hand
Syringes machine
Pumps peristaltic
Pumps geared
Pumps - calibration
Flow rate vs volume
Production precipitations
Steps in making
Chemical Sensitization
Spectral Sensitization

Part II

II.1 Lab experiments and formulas

II.1.1 Azo types
II.1.1.1 Grade 1
II.1.1.2 Grade 2
II.1.1.3 Grade 3
II.1.1.4 Spectrally sensitized Azo type
II.1.1.5 Warm tone Azo type
II.1.2 Enlarging grades 1, 2
II.1.3 ISO 40 blue and ortho
II.1.4 Alternate formulas
II.1.4.1 Osterman slow plate and lantern slide
II.1.4.2 Browning Matrix Film
II.1.5 Experimentation
II.1.6 Pumped Making
II.1.6.1 Single Run
II.1.6.2 Double Run
II.1.6.3 Triple Run
II.1.6.4 Constant Volume
II.1.7 Washing Methods
II.1.7.1 Noodle
II.1.7.2 ISO
II.1.7.3 UF

Part III

III.1 Bibliography
III.2 Appendixes
III.2.1 Dictionary Definitions
III.2.2 Chemicals and Equipment for Making
III.2.3 Emulsion Coating Equipment
III.2.4 Pump testing
III.2.5 Notes on Scaling
III.2.6 Useful Molecular Weights
III.2.7 Commonly Used Solutions
III.2.8 Emulsion Speed Tests
III.2.9 Emulsion Contrast Tests
III.3 *** Cookie ****