Hi Sly,

I believe I wrote it at the back on the bottom of the print. All prints were done on Foma Chamois 542, in Moersch Easy Lith. I usually used dilutions of 1+25 (or so), plus an additional 100ml of Old Brown. As well, since my darkroom was so cold, I often started hot (around 30-35 degrees) as the developer would cool off too rapidly between prints (even with a water bath to keep it warm). Most of my developing times run between 5-12 minutes, and I usually overexpose by +3 stops. Sorry I can't be more specific than that -- I rarely keep notes (except basic info on the back of prints) and I print very erratically in the darkroom (when it comes to Lith) - often changing between paper types and negatives within one session. Not the best system, I know, but it's worked out well enough up to now. That being said, I hope to be more consistent in the coming year.