Ok so I thought I'd update this after having a conversation with Melody Bostick concerning the use of the Potassium Chloroplatinite for the Na2. Melody says that yes you can substitute it, but it won't give as much contrast as using the Na2. If you are a Ziatype user and have their standard kit you'll be able to buying the developing supplies and try the DOP Palladium process as long as you have a UV light setup, as the standard sun type of exposure for Ziatype will be hard to control based on varying sun intensity. If you want more contrast for landscape work in the Palladium print the Na2 is the way to go. Since I want to do some palladium portraits I'm going to try using the substitutes first. If someone would like to split a bottle of Na2 I'm game and have a scale that I can do so.