Hi Everybody - hope you are all having a great holiday and got lots of cool gadgets for xmas!

I have been fighting fungus and critters up to my ears and need recommendations for protecting equipment in Florida's humid climate. Trying to eliminate moisture in darkroom/studio with constant air flow and Damprid though it doesn't seem to be enough, especially with the daily summer rains.

And also recently finding that cockroaches have gotten in through the light fixtures and eaten the bellows on my C330 - ugh - (luckily it was the only bellows they got to, $350 to replace!) - had roach hotels already out but they got through the barriers nonetheless. It's the only place I could put lots of cupboards for storage as there is no room in the house.

It's a stand alone shed converted to a darkroom - I am at my wits end with these problems and being new to the humidity factor.

I would welcome any tips on what others have done to eliminate these issues and thanks so much.