Doug - Hi again, what alt chemicals are you using to repel the little "nasties?" I'll get some! - it does look like I'm doing a decent good job keeping them out, since the attack!! - at least the darkroom part of the building is pretty tightly sealed. It's a lot of work, no doubt. The coating on the other bellows' seems to be more (for lack of a better term) "rubberized?" I was terrified that they would get my enlarger, my Crown Graphics or my auto-bellows too - I made sure everything is covered and/or wrapped in plastic now.

Greetings, Paul - I am in Jacksonville. I am not used to roaches either and these down here are the size of Texas and they do fly!!!! The studio part of the building has a loft type ceiling/roof with lots of light coming in and that is the area that really needs work to seal it up. I probably should enclose it with a low ceiling but as I am also a painter I would lose that incredible light - oh, for shame! Thank you so much for the tips and I was going to buy a cheapie hygrometer so I greatly appreciate the link.

Does anyone know how much a lens can endure before it gets fungus rot? I am not a highly technical person and I want to protect my camera lenses and microscopes too!