Have just bought a new-to-me Fuji GA645zi rangefinder. I bought this to take with me on backpacking / mountain walking trips. It's certainly a lot lighter than the 5 lens Pentax 67 kit and heavy tripod I normally use for my landscape photos...!

I'm looking for a lightweight tripod, as light as I can get off with as I'll be carrying it up mountains. For info, the camera is under 1kg in weight and has a short fixed lens. I'm after a 3 section tripod as I think they're more stable (and the length means that it will fit into the ice-axe loops of my rucsack!). Weight-wise I think carbon will be the best bet, a tripod with no centre column would also cut down the weight. I plan to put a light ballhead on the tripod. And finally, price is important too - can't stretch to a Gitzo I'm afraid...:rolleyes:

Any recommendations?