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I think that guy who uses a Speed Graphic and an Aero Ektar for politician's portraits has already done this. Can't think of his name though...
David Burnett? If that's the person you're thinking of, I wasn't aware..
The side-mounted Kalart with Focuspot, i've never used.
The top-mounted RF one I have. Even with a good unused bulb and fresh batteries, clear glass and mirrors; It can be difficult to see at times.
The laser dot is much easier to see. There are laser modules that will accept 3-6vdc and are very conveniently sized (so as to replace the lightbulb inside the top rangefinder).
Also there are dot, line and cross beams. I've only tried the dot.

For the side-kalart, a piece of yellow acetate over the window helps to focus too.. Gives contrast to the double image.