I can say though, if you are using an aero ektar and 4x5 speed handheld (can be done!), you want to make it as quick as possible unless you are like strong like Thor.
I am strong like computer geek, I can only lift it up so many times before i'm throwing my back in to it.

At one point I had it calibrated to the rangefinder. Perfectly spot on. Then I realized that any swaying back and forth, movement, anything.. and the dof would be off. Essentially I was shooting the thing at f4.
Beautiful color pictures though, i've some 220 portra vc that I forced through my graflex rh12 back.
I got a lot of blurry ones back, but the ones that are sharp are sharp.

To me, the laser is the best deal for calibrating those damn side-mounted kalart finders.