For those of you who remember Bill Hahn: just a few months before his death, Bill presented me with a somewhat dirty but (I believe) functional 5x7 Poco Cycle #3 camera that he said had been passed on to him by a co-worker. The man had asked Bill if he knew anyone who would try to get it cleaned up and functional again. Bill gave it to me, knowing my penchant for old, retired gear. I have to say that I have let old Bill down. The camera sits on my workbench, as yet untried - too many projects now that I'm back to school.

I'd love to pass it on to another photographer in need of a project. It has a clean RR lens in a sticky Unicum shutter, decent bellows and ground glass that could use some cleaning. The leather is tired bit the case itself is in pretty good shape. There are no film holders with it. It would probably take wooden holders without the ridge that locks modern holders in place, but I'll have to double check that before I stand by it.

I don't want to post this in the classified if there is anyone here in New England that could use it. I want to keep this money-free if possible - no packing and shipping, just a cup of coffee someplace and a hand-off.

Any takers?