Thanks for the comments. I also like the silhouetted pics a lot.

The blur is most likely from using the HX14 flash in one of the modes where the shutter curtain stays open for an extended time, I think even beyond the programmed slow shutter speed which has caused me several of these type of blur photos in this mode. I think the supplied flash is best used in the full power mode, where you set the aperture via it's GN and film speed.

However the idea of less than full power on the flash is always interesting, as I just wanted fill, and didn't want the rest of the room illuminated.

The best solution is to use the variable flash, delayed rear shutter curtain mode on a tripod only.

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I love the lens on my Konica Auto S2, and by some accounts the lens on the Hexar AF is similar and maybe even better. I would love to get my hands on one if they didn't command such high prices

For me, the silhouetted pics of the boy are the most interesting. A couple of shots have either motion blur or overly shallow DOF on (mostly) stationary objects (eg, the boy's book), so for indoor non-flash shots I would imagine faster film would be beneficial (barring the usual light colour balance issues, of course).