Developing while on the road can have its advantages. Judging the negative while on location is obvious.

One thought is the varying quality of water in various locations. Variables like iron, sulfur, water hardness will greatly affect your development times. Water hardness will shorten your times. I would think you would need to have a consistent supply from a known source just for your film development. Maybe try bottled water from one company just for film. Better yet, distilled water is readily available in markets. Do some tests and see how that works. Then you can buy as you travel.

The other steps will not matter where the water is from. A hypo clearing agent is a must. It will greatly shorten your wash times. You can wash partially and then give a full wash when you get home.

Try rigging some sort of pump and filter system for drawing water from a lake or stream.

If shooting 4x5, use HP Combi tanks instead of trays.