End of year message...

I wanted this to be done by the end of year. It's dragged on too long. The Canadian Post has seen to it that today, the last day of the year, the camera is still not home.

People sitting on the camera for weeks at a time, knowing that group as a whole wants movement, because movement brings dynamic energy. The guy running it can only bring so much to the table. It is also why Camera 6 is still sitting here, new batteries, film loaded, forms all made out. It is just not fun anymore.

I think I will email Sile a copy of the Camera 6 instructions and addresses. If she is willing, she can handle the badgering, cajoling, and nagging to keep the camera moving. Perhaps she will want to rethink the whole project.

I understand the warning from Art much more clearly now. Thanks everyone who played nice. It was fun for awhile.

As soon as the camera gets back here, I will process the film, have a friend with a nice 135 scanner scan them in, publish the prints and send your negative to you. If you have changed addresses since you had the camera, please let me know.

Happy New Year to the group. I wish you all great light.

tim in san jose