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The more you underexpose and overdevelop the film, the more evident the grain will become. If you rate the film (Tri-X) at ISO 400 and develop for the suiting time it will be more grainy that if you rated it 320 or 250 (and develops for the suiting time).
Also, if you agitate too much it will lead to overdevelopment and, therefore, also to more grain.
Last I will comment on the use of Rodinal with Tri-X. This combo is GREAT, but it is a good thing to experiment with rating the film 250-320 instead of the 400 it says on the box. The reason is, that Rodinal decreases the speed a bit.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this what I have been told and experienced.
Hi M, please help me understand the different effects again.
If I use Tri-X 400 and expose at 320, do I ask the lab to process at 320 or at 400? In doing either, what effects can I expect?
Thanks M!