Ahhhhh now it becomes clear! It's just part of the general pattern these days. All hype, no substance, NO REAL TALENT (just like Hollywood). Image is everything. Ansel probably has a roady trip the shutter for him too (can't have the star break a nail). Too bad you mentioned SUVs, they are very politically incorrect. You see, Ansel and his movie buddies have decided YOU can't have one. After buying their SUVs, Hummers limos, private jets and multiple unoccupied mansions, they have (in their far greater wisdom) decided if you had *any* of that 1) the rain forests will vanish 2) you will be supporting terrorists 3) you will single-handedly bring on the greatest mass extinction the world has ever seen. They won't give up their luxuries but how dare you aspire to the same things. After all, they know what's best for you. Why is it that the most usless people in the world seem to always reap the greatest rewards and have the most outrageous egoes? Sorry to sound so bitter, but here on the left coast, this sort of stuff is starting to snowball. I don't even own *any* car, and yesterday got flamed for daring to say nobody would dictate what I choose to buy with my money.

How's that for spinning off on a tangent?