I'm not located in the UK, but I'm a Feisol dealer (and APUG Sponsor). You can see complete specs and prices on the entire Feisol tripod line at:

I personally use the Feisol CT-3342 (3-section legs, no center column) for backpacking with my 4x5 Toho FC-45X. It will handle your Fuji GA645Zi with ease. It's longer and bulkier than the CT-3441S Traveler Tripod, but as long as you don't need it to fit inside your pack, or inside an airline carry-on, the size shouldn't be a problem. In terms of weight, it's only about an ounce heavier than the more compact CT-3441S, but gives you the other features you desire (3-section legs and no center column).

If you have any questions about the Feisol products, I'd be happy to answer them here, by PM or though email.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras