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Apologies Rudiger, I realise I've just spelt your name wrong...

No Adrian, if spelled without German umlauts, then Ruediger is just OK. The correct spelling would be Rüdiger, but everyone without a German keyboard layout would have a hard time typing it. But Rudiger is also OK for me. I think the English pronunciation of Rudiger better matches the German pronunciation of Rüdiger.

So here is the list of the first 17 participants:

Adrian D (20)
Black Dog (MAX)
crispinuk (50)
gordrob (30)
hal9000 (25)
johnnywalker (30)
jst (15)
kraker (30)
KWhitmore (30)
Mark Fisher (MAX)
OMU (10)
Peter Markowski (30)
rossawilson1 (24)
rst (MAX)
rwyoung (25)
sly (MAX)
wazza (MAX)