That's wonderful, Vaughn. I've been in woods like that; redwoods (not where you are; Tamalpais) and of course up here in the great Pacific NorthWet. In the winter when it is cold and really wet, it is sort of like a cave unto itself, a big one, going on forever. I can hear the lack of sound; the quiet can be palpable, and the sense one (well, myself at least) gets of the self in that seemingly eternal and vast space can be almost too much to bear, with time stopped dead. The odors, resin and decay. All the creatures are doing what they do to stay dry; not a sight of any of them. Water on everything.

When I looked at your images of the woods I got such a strong sense of that. For me it is very easy to see why you spend so much time there.

Hardly anyone ever goes into them when it is like that, unless, like the fisheries fellow, doing some work.