I'd be interested in hearing how people go about doing prints for the exchange. I suspect that many of us have a routine set up that makes it easier.

Here's two things that I do:
I choose the negative that takes a minimum of dodging and burning (I try to limit to one easy burn). If you do that, then making 40 doesn't take much more time than 10.
I switched to 5x7 paper. It doesn't cost much more than postcard paper (probably less if you use Arista or Kentmere paper) and I can use a fixed sized easel. Also, it costs the same to send it overseas from the US as a standard post card.

I'd really like to find out a good way to print the labels. I have not yet managed to import the list to a standard label format! I'd like to handwrite it, but the post office could never read my handwriting!