The Olympic rain forest is like that, too. Sure, it is beautiful when the sun shines, but hard to photograph it because the light is so fragmented. Also, there is a sense that something isn't quite right. That's not what makes it what it is. Fog and rain does that, and under those conditions it looks just right. It isn't sunny there a lot; mostly in August/September.

I pitched my tent there one August, though, and the weather decided to be typical of the rain forest. It rained all night, and in the morning a coffee cup that had been left out was half full of water. I had seen a sign for someone selling dry firewood up the road, and went up there to get some. I mentioned the cup to the guy. He said "It was a light rain; usually they are full and overflowing". I think Forks gets something like 130" of rain / year. It's hard to shoot there just because it is a couple hundred mile trip, and you don't know whether there will be a time to work when you and your equipment won't just get soaked. It's beautiful, though, even if you have to watch it from inside the car.

I must be about due for a trip over that way. Been thinking about it a lot lately.