Since taking up carbon printing, I can now translate the type of light striking through the redwoods on sunny days...the process can handle those extremes. It is one of the reasons I love the process so. But it does make for more challenges. There is more apt to be a bit of a breeze on sunny days. The light shifts far more quickly compared to having the giant softbox of a light overcast or fog. And as you mentioned, the light seems to be almost foreign to the temperate rain forest. But I have gotten some nice images despite all that.

In my early pre-photo days, I had hitched-hike up the coast, semi-heading to Alaska, but really without enough money to get there. Spent 4th of July in Forks...camped in a small campground just south of the rain, of course. But dry during the day for the "big" parade through town. This must have been '73 or '74. An interesting town to be a long-haired hippy in. I got up to Port Angeles but figured I did not have enough money for the Canadians to let me thru, so I proceeded to thumb back down the coast to Humboldt County.

The Good Old Days