I had a similar experience about halfway between Kitimat and Bella Bella while sea kayaking BC's inside passage. It was mid November and my wife and I hadn't met or talked to anybody else in a month. We were camped on a steep hillside in a very narrow channel where we had found an out wash fan big enough to get the kayaks out of the water. The weather had been thick with mist and rain almost every day, and the 16 hour nights helped deepen the sense of isolation.

Sitting under the rain tarp in front of our tent I could hear a 'thrumming' getting closer and closer. Out of the mist and darkness, through the trees, a passenger ferry passed close enough I could have hit it with a sling shot. The people inside were moving about in the incredibly bright interior, talking, walking around, or swilling booze in the bar. They had no idea we were there, watching them. Then the light and thrumming disappeared into the dark, leaving us alone in perfect stillness.

Weren't you slightly tempted to start screaming like insane Banshee's when the annoying group went past?