In 1989 I was photographing in Forks on a project. I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, which for me, means wearing bright red coveralls and a red Effenem crusher (the loggers' favorite hat). I had left my opinions at home - a trick one (hopefully) learns as a photojournalist. The camera was pointed at the saw shop. Somebody came out and yelled at me "Are you an environmentalist?". I got out of there (having got the shot I needed). I knew that they wouldn't be likely to understand my lack of malice and wishing to see both sides. (CAVE? - we're each in our own cave, aren't we?) Tempers were hot. I know my rights, but I also have no desire to be "dead right". I like Forks a lot, actually, and I like the people there that I've met. I also like to stay in the cabins down in La Push. Being in LaPush in the winter is Definitely being in a cave! I think Forks is doing a lot better now, but I haven't been there. As I say, due for a trip!

I saw that light in your carbons. No question about it, you really have managed to contain those values and make them absolutely sing. We still haven't got around to diving into it, but I'm sure we will. We'll have to enlarge Jane's negatives to do it. And I guess I better get used to the idea of packing those big cameras around again.