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Weren't you slightly tempted to start screaming like insane Banshee's when the annoying group went past?

Actually, that would have been a good thing to do. As it was, we just stood there in shock, more or less. Then we turned on our lights and made our way back to the end of the cave.

Your experience with the ferry really does correspond dead on to the cave experience.

Not to feel somehow superior or smug, it probably helps to know that someone else might be watching ME as I watch the others. I guess I could honestly say that I try to be that someone else watching me as much as possible. The better our view of the context of our own cave, the better we can see.

I think we usually see ourselves as objectively "seeing" - that is, we don't ask questions about the quality of our seeing at the moment of seeing. We are aware of what we see, but not of the process. There is me, and there is that. I see That. We rarely consider the conditions that bear upon the act of seeing - especially while we are there. We are rarely aware that it is quite possible that I see I. That is there, but what I see may be what I'm projecting upon it, which is to say, I see what I myself have invented. Most likely with no consciousness whatever.

Maybe later insight would come. Maybe much later.

Kayaking there in mid November must be a LOT like that cave like experience we've been discussing, of being in the forest in the wet. I understand it is not exactly dry where you are!