Wonderful work! Great idea and execution.
Personal thought.
For sometime now I have been debating in my mind the role of photography magazines in this day and age. I think that websites like APUG, Large Format, Photo.net, Luminous Landscape and all the others that I don't even know of. And I think magazines are almost history.
Don't get me wrong! I still browse the local bookstore and plunk down my 8 to 10 bucks for an issue if it has something I truly would enjoy or find important. I know that there can't be comparison of holding a printed page verses a monitor. But even a printed page sometimes can't come close to a real print.
On the other hand, I get more for my dollars when I renew my membership to Apug and all the others. I get to see all the fantastic work that is being produced right now. Work like Gene's or Bill Schwabs and the many other wonderful photographers. I also see work that isn't just being promoted by an editor or gallery rep. I see anyone and everyone who is will to share in the members gallery.
Then I get to hear and share ideas with all the other members out there. Its almost instantaneity and I get information from around the globe. What magazine can do that?
I want to Thank Sean, the Moderators and all of you. Thank you.