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After receiving Leon's I realize I still have much to learn and do, so I will be out of the exchange for a while untill I feel comfortable with my prints.
I haven't seen your prints, but I would encourage you to stay involved with the exchange. I hope I speak for everyone else in saying that it's about sharing your work, reguardless of standard. I'd be happy to swap prints with anyone on here provided they enter into the spirit of things.

I don't posess any great skill at the photography thing. I've less experience than most of the people here. However the prints I've sent out have been the best work I've done in those few months. I hope the people who received them liked them. I enjoy making them and sending them out - it gives me something to work for.

I've received some awesome prints, some others that I'm less excited about. I'm happy to see them all, to understand a little more about the people on this site. If someone sends out a print thats their best effort, then I appreciate that.

I'd hate to see someone drop out of the exchange because they feel they're "not worthy". Who's to say who IS worthy? There's another thread at the momment about camera clubs - do we really want to get that way? We'd end up with one self righteous idiot posting is fantastic prints to himself!

Anyway - enough waffling - stay involved...


p.s. And I'm sure your print was good anyway!