This isn't a bad time of year, but if you want variety of birds, your best bet is for late February to early March. That is the time that all the migrated birds are coming back home. When I used to live in FL, I made it a point to spend a few days there in late Feb, or early March if late February weather wasn't good. In my experience there my best times for photographing birds are two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. It's a hard vacation decision to make, as these are also the best times for fishing.
For those with the long lens, lots of photo ops are there. Look for the few samples of high ground, mount that beast on the tripod (800/5.6L in my case) and scan the horizon and trees. Teleconverters are your friend when scanning for bird activity.
Fill the cooler and live out of the truck for a few days. Good times on the cape!