Randy, Art and Gene:

My prints went into the mail yesterday. Thanks for your patience.

I would be remiss if I didn't express my appreciation for the prints I've received.

I have prints in hand from both rlibersky (Randy) and papagene (Gene). They are both 5x7 in size, and both monochrome and both depict older scenes (those are a few of the similarties).

The differences? - Randy's print is on POP, which is a material that I have heard a lot about, but never used or owned. The tones are subtle, and the soft warm tones complement well the detail in the old abandoned vehicle. This is an image I keep returning to.

Gene's photo is a 5x7 contact print. The tones are dark, almost foreboding, and contrast nicely with the smiling caricature someone has added to the old tank. I like how my attention keeps moving back and forth between the small highlight near the edge, and the shadowed central image. This too is an image I keep returning to.

Ironically, for this exchange, I sent a larger than usual pint, and it is a cold toned image (unlike previous efforts). Hope you like it.


P.S. looking forward to Art's print too