I just got into 35mm 6mo or so ago, and eventually will do medium format. At first I shot C41 and got it developed at Target. So now I have probably two dozen of the little Target folders with negatives and prints, jammed in a bookshelf. But since I'm developing myself, I need a better system. Now is the time to start. Space efficiency is important for WAF.

Are there convenient containers for these materials like negatives? I'm imagining a DVD flip-book-like container for storing negatives.

If you shoot for years, you must have an awful lot of negatives and prints to organize. So how do you do it? A roll of 35mm in plastic negative sheets can be folded up to be very small, so it's a waste to use full-size hanging file folders, unless you put large prints in with them. Or do you separate the prints from the negatives and have some numbering system to correlate the two? How do you organize, by date? Format? Process type? Do you keep notes with the prints, and how?