Some of us from Jax area visited the Refuge yesterday. the weather was perfect (near 80) with no bugs and calm wind. The Black Point Wildlife Drive was disappointing ( I was primarily interested in the mangrove islands). The water level seemed abnormally low (drove thru both early morning and early afternoon so wasn't due to tidal); and number of waterfowl was low (plenty of gators, though). We extensively explored the roads around the Visitor Center, and they provided a wealth of opportunities (two of our party claim to have seen a black bear). These roads (Gator Creek, Catfish Creek & Peacock Pocket) provide views of the River, marsh as well as the launch complex. Don't need extremely long lenses to get close up to alot of wildlife ( a flock of Roseate Spoonbills was only about 50ft away). If hungry, the nearby downtown of Titusville provides some good food choices ( eg Kloiber's Cobbler). Recommended.