Helen, thanks for your comments.

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I guess that it's OK to use a scanner for comparison, if it is the scanner that will be used for final output. A lot will depend on the scanner - and particularly the interaction between the film granularity and the scanner resolution. Grain aliasing and all that.
I haven't got the space and money and the time to learn to do my own prints right now, hopefully this will be an option next year. In the mean time, as I mentioned before, I am using the scanner to evaluate the negatives I am producing (I have just developed 3 rolls so far!). I guess I will need to invest in a loupe. As far as the prints are concerned, I am evaluating trying both to have the prints from the scan and from the negatives (by a lab), and decide what I like better (and what's cheaper).

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Contrast affects the appearance of grain, as does density. Therefore if you don't develop the two films to the same contrast, and compare areas of the same density (preferably of the same subject) then it's difficult to be objective. [...]
Actually the samples I have posted are from the same roll. I was experiencing a different grain across the different frames, so that's the reason of my post.